Sep 13, 2021

Webinar: Making 5G Massive IoT “Massive”: Enabling Disruptive Power Efficiency with Asset Tracking

Power efficiency is a key foundational element in determining the overall cost and efficiency of deploying an IoT asset tracking solution. When battery life is maximized, barriers to entry for those looking to implement digital transformation efforts are knocked down, resulting in greater accessibility and extending the range of assets that offer ROI in being tracked. With an explosion of new IoT devices and connected things in the budding era of 5G, the resulting phenomena coined “5G Massive IoT” is projected to take center stage. How can IoT solutions providers and hardware manufacturers ensure that their solutions meet the heightening battery demands of these new use cases so that 5G Massive IoT can truly scale? How can these evolved battery capabilities aid in developing universal asset visibility leveraging 5G?

The September 13 webinar will commence with a brief presentation, followed by a panel led by Ken Briodagh and Q&A. Secure your spot by filling out the form above.

M2MD – President/CTO Chuck Link
Polte – CEO Ed Chao
Sony Altair – Director of Product Management Guy Cohen
Nokia – Senior Product Manager Guive Chafai