DSP Engineer for the FW\DSP group

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At Sony Semiconductor IL (formerly known as Altair Semiconductor), we believe in pioneering the future through the power of creativity. We strive to bring innovation to the cellular IoT technology that drives our vision of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as to Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that help people around the world unleash their imagination and creativity.

In 2016, Altair became an integral part of SONY Corporation, creating a company culture that combines the Sony legacy, values and technology with our own vision and market leadership in the field of cellular IoT and AI.

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DSP Engineer for the FW\DSP group

Job description

In this role, you’ll be a significant part of the PHY System team, developing the physical layer (L1) in Sony Semicon (IL)’s next-generation, state-of-the-art baseband chips. You’ll be
involved in algorithmic aspects, software architecture, and development tools and should be able to contend with a highly integrated, complex, and real-time critical environment.


  • Undergraduate degree (B.Sc) in computer science/electronic engineering from a major university with excellent grades
  • Strong background and skills in digital communication and digital signal processing
  • Experience with MATLAB and C programming
  • Team player and highly motivated
  • Familiarity with DSP processors environment and fixed-point design is an advantage
  • A background in computer architecture, wireless PHY communication and algorithms, and experience in SW design and programming is an advantage