Altair is part of Sony’s portfolio, focusing on LTE IoT chipsets, covering the full spectrum of application and use case connectivity, from standby current of milli-Amps to micro-Amps, and from small footprint modules to miniature, low profile system in package (SiP). Our chipsets are complemented by a field-hardened software stack and a wide range of turnkey reference designs and production tools. Sony’s Altair chipsets ALREADY power millions of LTE connected devices all over the world.


1250 CAT-M1 & NB1 200 Kbps -1 Mbps
Ultra Low Power, ultra Small, Most Secured and Highly Integrated cellular IoT Chipset Read more >
1255 NB2 158.5 Kbps
Ultra-Low Power, Highly Integrated Cellular IoT Chipset for NB-IoT Networks Read more >
1160 CAT-1 10 Mbps