ALT1350: Lowest Power 5G Cellular+ solution for Internet of Things

Lowest Power LTE-M/NB-IoT, Highly Integrated SoC, designed for the 5G Massive Internet of Things Market

The ALT1350 chipset has been developed to answer the evolving and growing needs of the cellular LPWA IoT market. It’s the world’s first cellular IoT chipset to additionally enable unlicensed spectrum communications protocols, as well as satellite connectivity (NTN) in a single chipset. These abilities enable a synergy of faster development, lower power, smaller size, resulting in reduced costs to optimize use cases and emerging new trends.

The SoC features ultra-low power consumption in a variety of modes, including 3GPP PSM and eDRX, which significantly increase the longevity of battery-operated devices. It has an AI engine for edge processing, indoor & outdoor positioning technologies bundled with a sensor hub which collects data from the sensors while maintaining its ultra-low power and high level of security. ALT1350 was designed to support 3GPP release 15/16/17 LTE-M/NB-IoT.

ALT1350 integrates multi-layered security architecture, including hardware and software based Secure Element to ensure end-to-end security. The chipset also includes iSIM  designed for PP-0117 to meet GSMA requirements.

The ALT1350 is designed for rapid integration into a variety of verticals, including smart meters, wearables, asset trackers, telematics trackers, connected health and more.

Lowest Power LPWA Chipset

Lowest Power LPWA Chipset

ALT1350 advanced architecture sets a new bar in ultra-low power consumption, boosting battery lifetime, reducing concerns by IoT service providers. Applications such as asset trackers, connected health, wearables, and other battery-operated devices can benefit a 4 times longer battery life for typical use cases comparing to previous generations.

5G massive IoT and Multi-protocol Network

ALT1350 integrates a 5G baseband processor as well as sub-GHz and 2.4GHz integrated transceiver to enable hybrid connectivity for smart meters, smart cities, trackers and other devices. This enhances coverage, reduces costs and further decreases power consumption utilizing IEEE 802.15.4 based protocols such as Wi-Sun, U-Bus Air, wM-Bus, and additional standard / proprietary point-to-point mesh technologies.

Sensor Hub & Positioning technologies

ALT1350 incorporates a sensor hub to collect data from the sensors while maintaining ultra-low power consumption. It features indoor and outdoor positioning utilized by cellular tower information & Wi-Fi based positioning and is seamlessly integrated to provide power-optimized concurrent LTE and GNSS for tracking applications with a single chip.