CAT-12 Ultra-High Speed Broadband Backhaul Chipset

We are now focused on developing low-power Cellular IoT solutions, and our ALT4800 is no longer in production.

Please visit our ALT1250 page to learn more about our LPWA CAT-M/ NB IoT solution:

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  • CAT-12, 600 Mbps DL / 150 Mbps UL
  • Release 11 with advanced features including TM9/10, CSI-RS, CoMP, eICIC, feICIC, Adv-Rx, ePDCCH


  • Near-MLD MIMO decoder
  • Altair’s proprietary INCA™ interference cancellation
  • DL MIMO modes: single carrier 4×8 MIMO, 2CA 4×4 MIMO, 3CA 4×2 MIMO
  • UL modes: single carrier with single/dual/quad TX, dual carrier with single TX, beamforming
  • Contiguous and non-contiguous CA
  • FDD and TDD


  • Embedded Network Processor
  • Multi standard security engine
  • Integrated Analog Front-End (AFE)
  • On-chip PLL supporting TCXO and clock inputs


  • 2x SD/SDIO3.0/eMMC master, 2x SPI, RMII/RGMII/MDIO, HS USB2.0 OTG with integrated PHY, HSIC, 2x audio PCM/I2S

RF Transceiver

  • ALT6300 multiband TDD/FDD RF transceiver