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AsiaTelco (ATEL) has been working closely with Altair for more than five years. Till now we have developed numerous products based on Altair chipsets. Altair’s differentiated products, ability to deliver technical solutions and great support have been great help on successfully executing projects.  It also helps AsiaTelco to establish its position as a leading player in various broadband and IoT markets, including the US, Europe and Asia.

Jason Ding CEO, AsiaTelco
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Altair’s chipsets are enabling the future of the IoT today, providing cost-effective and low power LTE connectivity for a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications. Altair’s chipsets provide a low-cost solution, opening up the market to more customers. Their key leadership in the ecosystem encouraged us to extend our strategic cooperation with Altair in leveraging our first-to-market LTE-M enabled site.

Cameron Coursey VP of Product Development, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T
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Our collaboration with Altair has highlighted the dramatic gains that Power Saving Mode enables, in terms of battery time for a vast range of IoT applications. The PSM offered by Altair’s chipset effectively addresses the challenge of battery life, enabling and optimizing a multitude of IoT use cases with relatively infrequent communication requirements between end points and the network.

Sebastian Tolstoy Head of Radio Marketing & Communications, Ericsson

Altair’s presence and experience in some of Foxconn’s target markets has been the reason we selected their chipset for integration in several of our key projects. Their excellent technical support, fast response times and mature solutions have greatly assisted us in launching products in markets such as Japan.

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Altair’s CAT-1 chipset is a cornerstone in KDDI’s strategy to enable our customers to quickly and affordably integrate low-cost and low power LTE connectivity into their devices. As the first endorsement of any commercial CAT-1 chipset in the Japan market, the Altair chipset certification proved to be a significant milestone for KDDI.

Yasuhide Yamamoto Managing Executive Officer, KDDI
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Altair’s CAT-1 chipsets have consistently proven their ability to meet the most aggressive power and feature requirements which we expect to implement in a wide range of IoT applications.

Byungkyun Kim VP of Device Business Unit, KT (Korea Telecom)

NTmore is a small company competing with much larger players in a price-sensitive market. Our strategic relationship with Altair has proven to be a key differentiator for our company. It has enabled us to support new features and respond to our customer requests quickly, while offering very cost-effective products to the market ahead of our competitors.

Byeong-kweon Jang CEO, NTmore
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Altair has proven to be a valuable partner for forward-thinking, power-optimized LTE solutions. Completing interoperability testing of Altair’s CAT-1 chipset on DOCOMO’s nationwide LTE network has facilitated the integration of affordable and low-power connectivity for a range of IoT applications. The added benefit of providing more than 10 years of battery life means this chipset will open up the market for even more IoT devices to run on our network.

Toshiyuki Futakata Vice President and Senior Manager, NTT DOCOMO
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Altair has long been regarded as an LTE connectivity leader and the natural partner for our dedication in providing low-cost, high-performance computers to connect people. Our collaboration with Altair mean that users will benefit by having the choice of using BT, Wi-Fi or LTE.

Dr. Eben Upton CEO, Raspberry Pi

We expect LTE low-category devices to catalyse billions of dollars in spending by the M2M and IoT industry. As a leading vendor in this space, our decision to partner with Altair was an easy one to make.

Felix Marchal Chief Product Officer, Telit
We are pleased to see cost-efficient voice-enabled LTE solutions such as Altair’s ALT3800 come to marketThis expands the portfolio of chipset and module solutions available for customers to connect to Verizon, the nation’s largest and most reliable LTE network. With certified chipsets and modules, product developers can commercialize products faster and benefit from quicker certification times and lower overall cost.
Chris Schmidt Executive Director of Device Technology, Verizon
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WNC operates in a hyper-competitive market where performance, time-to-market and cost are paramount. Altair has been a great partner to WNC, assisting us not only in product development and carrier acceptance but also in strategic carrier initiatives such as the AT&T MBA program.

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